Automatic machine
for making the cutlery bag



Machine for making the cutlery bag  with folded napkin inside.

Metro Napkins is the automatic line developed and manufactured in cooperation with industry manufacturers, that allows the handling by a single operator of the full process in a single step with different types of materials and production speed.




The line has been developed to meet the request to automatically insert a napkin folded in 2 or 3 parts, inside an cutlery envelope.

The products are generally carried out in a production cycle that involves the construction of the envelope with paper converting equipment (fold & gluing machines) and a manual cycle that involves folding and inserting the napkin inside the envelope. 



  • The fact of folding the napkin directly in the machine, allows to use napkins of standard sizes allowing a wide choice of materials and avoiding the purchase of napkins already in size for the purpose (reducing the number of potential suppliers).
  • The solution of double front fold of the envelope, allows obtaining always a quality product avoiding printing in on both sides. This means a remarkable saving in time and product costs, giving added value to the product.
  • Increase productivity, elimination of manual production steps.

Fully automatic solution

  • Rectangular envelopes are fed in flat cardboard or pre die-cut sheet from a stacked sheet-feeder
  • The envelope is creased in folding line, not if pre-die-cut.
  • Application of glue points (optional)
  • Possiblity of fold of the 1st flap to avoid printing on both sides.*optional
  • Positioning of the napkin over the envelope. It is possible to turn the napkin to choose on which side it can be inserted. The napkin can be rotated during the inserting phase.
  • 1 ° folding of the napkin over the envelope.
  • 2 ° folding of the napkin over the envelope.
  • Application of 2 lines of glue (Folding of the flaps if the envelope is pre-die-cut – optional)
  • Closing of the envelope (frontal folding)
  • Delivery of finished product.

Technical data

  • Speed: from 1000 to 2500 cycles / hour (depends on the material used)
  • Machine weight: 1600 kg
  • Compressed air: 6 bar
  • Power: 6 kW

Product description Napkin

Materials: pure cellulose wadding / airlaide / micro embossed / soft touch /

Napkin size: 33×33 – 38×38 – 40×40 cm


Product description Napkin holder bag

Materials: Kraft / cardboard minimum 140 gr.
Size open envelope: width x length 30 x 60 cm
Format open envelope: width x length cm 10 x 25 cm